1 USD = Gold

Largest Bullion Banking System By RIMS

About the RIMS monetary network

RIMS Monetary system is "A Truly Decentralized Democratic Ecosystem" that is built using root cloud as its underlying architecture. At RIMS, "Gold Standard" is the basic rule and it is backed by physical gold among other bullion. This unique first of its kind network is owned and managed by its token holders through a democratic process; RIMS is determined to stay away from the hawkish or dovish fiscal policies and is domiciled at a friendly neutral space where the interests of network users are protected. The RIMS Network is in full compliance with governments and international bullion banking regulations. A secure operating process such as gold backing, valid /verifiable certifications, periodical audits by renowned third parties and comprehensive compliance program in the network will make the system safe and secure.

At RIMS, earnings per token come from a multifront. This physical bullion-backed Digital Monetary Network is perfectly blended with a P2P lending network; therefore, bullion assets in the system will monetize and reflect an appreciation for every token holder. Your bullion never sleeps at RIMS Monetary Network. We promise to take your Gold-Backed Digital Currency to the next level by widening the scope of the funds through easy-to-use RIMS platforms and ensure mass adoption. The primary mission of the network is to mitigate any risk and diffidence that is anticipated in the crypto and blockchain environment. While providing instant liquidity for bullion, it will also balance cash flow and spin-off dividend. The platform will offer several bullion based products and services along with a few white and private label solutions to banks, governments, and broader communities. RIMS Protocols is built to ensure mass adoption of Digital Bullion Currencies backed by physical bullion, namely XAU-GoldO, XAG-SilvO, and XPT-PlatO. This will reduce common bullion depreciations and is always on the move to monetize bullion assets in the network. The RIMS platform is built to reflect market gains for token holders. RIMS also adopts blockchain-based standard transactions for its system through international smart credit/debit cards for instant liquidity. RIMS Platform is built to revolutionize the way digital bullion currency and crypto coins are used in the current trade. An ambitious task of RIMS network is to ensure sustainable development by using globally available non-performing bullion assets. At RIMS, Gold never sleeps; it is always on the move to monetize bullion assets for the benefit of the society. The products and services of the network are built to prove this task.

RIMS invites you to be part of this new digital era. There are two ways one can participate in the RIMS Monetary Network:

  • 1. As a Pay Minter, by purchasing tokens
  • 2. As a Master Minter by building RIMS Goldo Community blocks.

As a pay minter, tokens can be purchased online and at the end of the first year. Each token will yield Digital Gold Currency backed by Physical Gold called GoldO - XAU, and bonus RIMS token that can be traded at crypto exchanges. As a Master Minter, one can build the Minters' community to earn tokens and incentives from products and services belonging to the network. In this truly decentralized democracy, both token holders have the privilege to own and operate the RIMS Monetary Network.

Let us build the most powerful Gold Standard RIMS Monetary Network through a "Truly Decentralized Democratic Process."

RIMS-B Token Minting Track: Buy Tokens / Pay Minters

  • Submit your token-purchase application with the supporting documents.
  • After initial online KYC/AML and PCS vetting, pay your funds to escrow.
  • Negative KYC/AML and PCS will result in the Token application being declined.
  • Tokens are issued with 70% of the token value backed by physical gold with a verification certificate from renowned audit firms.
  • 30% of the token value is backed by the equity of RIMS Network.
  • Escrows are released to RIMS Network andRIMS-B tokens are issued to the token buyers.

RIMS-B Token conversion into RIMS Coins and XAU-GoldO

  • At the end of the year, RIMS-B Token holders will receive 1:2 bonus tokens.
  • Bonus I: One GoldO DGC is equivalent to 70% of the token value.
  • Bonus II: One RIMS Coin.
  • One RIMS-B Token will yield one GoldO which is equivalent to 70% of Token value and one RIMS Coin.
  • GoldO will monetize at RIMS-B P2P Lending and will also support other network services of RIMS Network.
  • Smart cards will provide instant liquidity.
  • RIMS Coin is to be traded at crypto exchanges.

RIMS-M Token Minting Track/Master Minters Minting Process

  • Register as a Master Minter and receive your Master Minter ID.
  • Start building community blocks and allot Minter ID number to a minimum of 100 member blocks.
  • Reserve your RIMS-M Token.
  • Activate Minimum 50% of the community members in the block with RIMS Monetary Network.
  • Convert RIMS-M Token into a RIMS Coin.
  • Trade the RIMS Coin and earn revenue.
  • In addition, earn network incentives from the network business including P2P Lending and other network services promoted by you.
  • Continue to build community blocks, create a revenue stream and build your career with RIMS Monetary Network.

The Most Powerful, Truly Decentralized, Democratic Digital Bullion Currency Platform


RIMS Monetary Network’s vision and mission are to create a robust Truly Democratic Decentralized Monetary System that will address the following issues through the RIMS Monetary Network and RIMS-B P2P Lending platform. This massive network is a result of perseverant work by a team of scientists, programmers, and bankers with several years of research and product development experience.

Major Problem Resolved: At RIMS Monetary Network, our team diligently infused RIMS Blockchain Protocols into its RIMS-B Platforms and resolved issues in the bullion industry in general. In addition, we added a unique dimension to the Crypto and Digital Bullion Currency environments especially in order to resolve the diffidence that is associated with crypto and blockchain environments.

  • Lack of a truly Democratic Decentralized Digital Monetary system backed by physical bullion.
  • Lack of a reliable physical asset-backed Digital Bullion Currencies System (XAU, XAG, and XPT) which is versatile and fitting for mass adoption to provide instant liquidity.
  • Lack of a reliable system to make your bullion work; monetize gold and other bullion assets.
  • Lack of secure cross-border P2P Lending in the bullion space.
  • Gold is considered as one of the most valued precious metals on Earth. Though popular among the general public, it possesses diverse challenges during liquidation coupled with numerous government hurdles and global policy shifts which makes liquidating these precious assets a tedious task.
  • Lack of bullion-based cryptocurrency for mass adoption; in recent times, the value of bitcoins was close to golds. This gave rise to new bullion-backed digital gold that caters to growing gold investors worldwide. But, the e-Gold suffered numerous obstacles due to system reliance and mass/common men adoption. This caused a massive setback to gold-backed digital tokens. The financial market is yet to see a dedicated cryptocurrency backed by the bullion-market.
  • Tedious adoption of physical bullion to general trade and service sector.

  • The bullion-trade is highly fluctuating with numerous cases of gold value manipulation coupled with unregulated involvement of dubious intermediaries and policymakers. Adopting the bullion trade hit numerous roadblocks due to economic instability and uncontrolled monetary stimulus.
  • Lack of cash-flow: Gold investments lack cash flow. Gold tends to become more of a burden than an asset for individuals and organizations. In a few countries where gold is said to be the highest reserve such as India, China, and other Asian countries, the huge reserve of gold still exists in an unproductive form. It neither produces cash flow nor a spin-off dividend. Liquidity becomes another challenge. Therefore, a Truly Decentralized Democratic system is needed to unleash the power of gold and other bullion assets. This not only fuels growth but also causes a positive impact in the community which thereby increases employment.
  • Lack of a transparent and commission-free system: The traditional gold exchange is flooded with multiple complex rules coupled with unforeseen middlemen commissions. Gold holders face the gruesome task of having to locate a trusted source to get their precious metals liquidated. Since each of the ‘cash for gold’ venue possesses different rules and policies, customers face a tough choice when it comes to choosing the right one.
  • Lack of White Label Solutions to support the system of Gold Reserve for small and island economies.
  • Lack of White Label Solutions for banks to issue customized bullion currencies and use them for international trade.
  • Lack of White label Solutions for jewelry tokenization, community lending, and pawnbroking.


At RIMS Lab, researchers have built RIMS Protocols and RIMS-B platforms with a set of operating protocols for a truly Democratic and Decentralized Monetary System. This system will release Digital Bullion Currencies on our RIMS-B platforms and create a robust system for XAU-GoldO, XAG-SilvO, XPT-PlatO for mass adoption.

Reliable XAU, XAG, and XPT based bullion currencies

RIMS Protocols, RIMS-B platforms, RIMS-B P2P Lending platforms, international smart debit and credit cards, RIMS-B jewelry tokenization, building your reserve, securing your kid’s future, and the electronic RIMS piggy bank are some of the products and services that will make XAU, XAG, and XPT a popular choice among the public.

RIMS-B Decentralized P2P Lending Platforms

The unique cross-border platform provides great support to bullion investments. Investors can enjoy market appreciation with ease. RIMS-B platform provides unique solutions to help tokenize gold with its state-of-the-art tokenizing solutions. The platform will shield investors from any negative down-turn and offer advanced liquidation services on-demand.

100% Liquidity of Gold

RIMS-B offers complete transparency to its users by offering them complete liquidity for their investment. Based on bullion market value, RIMS-B token holders can liquidate gold for maximum return at any time of the day.

White Labeled Solutions

RIMS-B’s cutting-edge white-labeled solutions are designed to benefit owners who operate small or large pawnbroking firms. This will provide exposure to a large number of customers and facilitate transparent funding accessibility at a highly competitive rate.

Building Gold Reserves

Gold is a foundation for a growing economy and RIMS-B aims at providing viable solutions to assist small and medium economies in building and strengthening their existing gold reserves without huge investments with its advanced protocols. Corporations and companies can highly benefit from the RIMS-B protocol as well.

RIMS-B Franchise Service Hubs

RIMS-B’s Franchise Operation Hubs will be made available to every community worldwide to help care for customer’s bullion products and will provide hassle-free services. RIMS-B plans on establishing a one care hub for every 25 blocks. These main centers’ services will tokenize gold and other bullion jewelry with ease.


RIMS-B 100% Asset-Backed Digital Bullion Currencies

In the age of blockchain, our experts have paved the way with RIMS Protocols to build RIMS-B platforms. They also produced a set of operating protocols for a Truly Democratic Decentralized Monetary System. Digital Bullion Currencies are one of the main products that will not only act as a trading tool but will also provide security in RIMS-B platforms for P2P lending. RIMS Monetary Network will create a robust system as per the International Organization for Standardization Currency Code ( ISO ) 4217, it will further enable asset-backed Digital Bullion Currency that will function as standard Universal Currencies for seamless cross border transactions, trade, and lending. RIMS Digital Bullion Currencies namely XAU-GoldO, XAG-SilvO, and XPT-Plato pave the way for mass adoption and common man participation in the blockchain ecosystem. RIMS aim to distribute the bullion wealth to everyone who are willing to participate in this movement either as a buyer of the token or are willing to participate as master minters by registering as community builders. At RIMS Network, physical asset backing will shield participants from any possible economic downfall due to market or geopolitical reasons.

RIMS-B P2P Lending Network

At RIMS, Gold never sleeps; we are always on the run to monetize the gold assets in the network. RIMS-B ‘Global Cross Border Lending’ DApp (Decentralized Application) will provide great solutions for both lenders and borrowers in P2P environments. The bullion asset will act as security for lenders. Therefore, this DApp will act as a great White Label Solution for community lenders and pawnbrokers. This app will regulate the completely unorganized community lending and pawnbroking sectors. In the RIMS Monetary Network, this unique RIMS-B platform will ensure the operation of P2P Lending. The unique cross border platform provides great support to bullion investments and investors can enjoy market appreciation while their Digital Bullion Currencies perform at the P2P Lending Network.

Tokenize your Gold Jewelry

RIMS-B platform also provides unique solutions to tokenize gold with state-of-the-art RIMS Protocols. The platform will give instant liquidity for jewelry, help earn cash flow and spin-off dividend for your tokenized jewelry.

Digital Bullion Treasury

We provide White Label Solution for banks, financial institutions and companies of different sizes with treasury management tools which customize digital bullion currencies and use them with a Global Transaction Gateway that has built-in treasury tools for international trade, service, and money transfer. This White Label Solution will also reduce several layers of banking operations and thereby provide one simple solution for cross border trade and fund transfer. This will provide customization of digital currencies by banks for their cross-border trade leading to more efficient and cheaper fund transfers. This also comes with escrow and custody tools.

Bring Your Community

White Label Solutions for community lenders and pawnbroking; RIMS-B’s cutting-edge White Label Solutions are designed to benefit owners operating small or large community lending, pawnbroking, small and large banks. This will provide exposure to a large number of customers, facilitate transparency and risk mitigation for community lenders so that there is fund accessibility at a highly competitive rate for consumers.

International Smart Cards (Debit and Credit)

Instant liquidity for Gold and other bullions through RIMS Monetary Network offers complete transparency to its users by offering them 100% liquidity for their bullion assets at prevailing international market rates. Availability of RIMS-B Smart Cards will ensure easy liquidity for RIMS Token Holders and RIMS Digital Currency Network through smart debit/gold cards that will be issued for the value of their reserve.

Build Your Gold Reserve: White Label Solution for Sovereign Countries

Gold reserves are the foundation for all economies and RIMS-B platform aims at providing viable solutions to assist small and medium economies to build and strengthen their existing gold reserves without having to invest in its advanced protocols. Corporations and companies can highly benefit from RIMS-B Protocols for building your gold reserve.

RIMS-B Franchise Service Hubs

RIMS-B’s Franchise Hubs will open its doors worldwide to deal with physical bullion products and provide hassle-free money transfer with foreign exchange services. These centers will also provide tokenizing of gold jewelry services.

Secure your kid’s future with Electronic RIMS GoldO Piggy Bank

A secure mobile saving wallet to secure your kid’s future.


  • RIMS-B P2P Lending Network

    A well-built appreciation will enhance your bullion investment while you enjoy the market appreciation.

    This offers unique cross border lending which is 100% secured and default-proof.

  • 100% Liquidity of Gold at RIMS-B

    A unique RIMS-B protocol allows you to tokenize your jewelry.

  • Enabling the Possibilities - Bringing Your Community.

    A White Label Solution powered by RIMS-B Protocols for individually-owned & operated/small & large pawn brokering firms.

    This results in exposure among customers and aids them to access funds at competitive rates.

  • Build your Gold Reserve

    A solution powered by RIMS protocols to build a Gold reserve for small, medium and island economics without any investments.

    This is also available for corporations and companies of any size.

  • RIMS-B Service Hubs

    RIMS B community service hubs are here to monitor and protect your bullion products and services, including the lending services which will be established in every community worldwide under a franchise system, owned and managed by the communities through elected members.

    A single RIMS B hub approves every 25 blocks owned and operated by its respective members.

  • Build your Gold Reserve

    A solution powered by RIMS protocols to build Gold Reserve for small-, medium-and island-economics without any investments.

    This is also available for corporations and companies of any size.

  • RIMS-B Service Hubs

    RIMS B community service hubs is here to monitor and protect your bullion products and services, including the lending service which will be established in every community, worldwide, under franchise system, owned and managed by the communities through elected members.

    A single RIMS B hub approves every 25 blocks which are owned and operated by respective members.


    Name of the coin: RIMS Token

    Symbol of the coin: RMS

    Decimal: 10

    Total Supply: 1 Billion

    System Reserve to support regional operations: 900 M

    Initial STO release at ICO: 100 M

    The next release must be approved through a democratic process undertaken by token holders and master minters.

    Stage 01

    Pre Sale


    • Total tokens: 100 M token
    • RIMS-B: Investors Class– 70 M
    • RIMS: Master Minter Tokens for Block Advisers/ Block Managers and others- 30 M
    • Token Details Accepted currencies: CHF, ETH, EUR, USD
    • Project Protocol: Ethereum ERC20
    • Name of the Token: RIMS Token
    • Symbol of the Token: RIMS
    • Decimal: 10
    • Total Supply: 1 Billion
    • Purpose of Initial STO: To establish global infrastructures and GoldO reserves for RIMS-B P2P Lending Network operations.
    • Token release at Initial STO: 100 M

    Next release must be approved through a democratic process by token holders and master minters.


    • Full operational Capacity: 100 Million Tokens
    • RIMS-B (Pay Minters): 70 Million
    • RIMS-M (Master Minters): 30 Million
    • 70% token backed gold available for GoldO conversion: 49 M Gr GoldO for RIMS-B
    • P2P Lending Network: 1.960 Billion Worth
    • 30% cash for establishing RIMS Monetary Network: 840 Million
    • Combined sales:2.8 Billion Approximate Business from 30 Million Master Minters to Add 3 Billion Members with 50% Active Members-1.5-Billion-Gram Gold, i.e. $40 per Gram- 60 Billion GoldO XAU Sales- 840 Million will Yield 60 Billion per Year; 50% of Full Potential- 30 Billion.


    • RIMS Network Optimal Operational Capacity: 50M Tokens
    • RIMS-B (Pay Minters): 35 Million
    • RIMS-M (Master Minters): 15 Million
    • 70% tokens backed by Gold available for GoldO conversion: 24.5 Million Grams
    • P2P Lending Network:980 Million
    • 30% cash available for network development: 420 Million
    • Combined Sales:1.400 Million; 15 Million Master Minters to Add 1.5 Billion Members with 50% Active Members– 750 Million Members and a Minimum of 1 Gram of Investment 30 Billion in Cash Sales XAU GoldO Sales 420 Million will Yield – 30 Billion per Year.


    • RIMS Network Minimum Operational Capacity: 25 M Tokens
    • RIMS-B (Pay Minters): 17.5 M
    • RIMS-M (Master Minters): 7.5 M
    • 70 % of the Token backed by Gold for GoldO conversion: 12.25 Grams
    • P2P Lending Network initial Valuation:490 M
    • 30% Cash available for Network development:210 M
    • Combined sales:700M; 7.5 M Master Minters to Add Members of 375 M Members @1 gram at the Rate of 15 Billion XAU GoldO Sales.
    • 210 Million Cash will yield:15 B Revenue/Year


    • 100 MRIMS Token

    • 70%RIMS-B Token 70% Gold Backed

    • 30%RIMS Token 30% Backed by Stock of the Company


    70% Funds: To create gold reserve

    30% Funds: To establish the following services:

    • 70% Operations, System Establishment, Banking Operations, and P2P
    • 20% Marketing and Promotions
    • 05% Licensing and Regulatory Fees
    • 05% Research, Education, and Training

    Road Map

    FEB 232005
  • RIMS Lab started its operations in London, England. A global alliance of like-minded professionals joined together and created the RIMS lab.
  • 3 Projects initiated, including a customized CME platform
  • Jan 052013
  • RIMS Protocols were developed by incorporating Truly Decentralized Democratic Protocols. First Research Project was awarded.
  • Fintech Product development division was inaugurated, RIMS Protocols was used as DAPPS source code.
  • 2015
  • Telth Protocols were designed by using a customized CME platform, Telth uses blockchain for P2D Service delivery
  • RIMS Platform’s first updates were released.
  • Telth Product Division was inaugurated. P2D platform building and testing were implemented.
  • 2016
  • Root Cloud Coding was unveiled by RIMS Principle Programmer
  • Updates were released by using Root Clouding technology, testing and development of products began at RIMS Fintech Division
  • 2017
  • Telth Platform TradeMark Registration was obtained, and commercial testing commenced
  • Telth DAPP Testing and Q/C Audit were completed with certification
  • 2018
  • Root Cloud was unveiled for commercial usage. RIMS platform update released
  • RIMS Monetary Network integration work commenced, RIMS Platform Master Minters Minting Platform, RIMS-B (RIMS Bullion Platform and RIMS P2P Lending Platform integration started
  • 2019
  • The Largest Bullion Backed RIMS Monetary Network portal was released by combining RIMS protocols, RIMS Platform, Master Minters Minting Portal - STO Portal was released for the public
  • RIMS Monetary Network Truly Decentralized Democratic protocols based DAPP testing started.
  • Pre-sale opened for public with a 10% discount
  • May 062019
  • Official Launch of the World's Largest Bullion Backed Monetary Network RIMS Monetary Network
  • Pre -STO May 06, 2019
  • Open for Private and Institutional Investment Placements
  • The launch of Partnership for eBullion, P2P customization, and back-office Customer Service Partnership.
  • July 012019
  • Phase I, Price $ 40.00 (Market fluctuations of Gold will play a role in the token price because the token is secured by physical bullion)
  • Start Date: July 01 2019 End, Date: 30TH September 2019, Bonus: 1:1, Bonus Date 30TH, June 2020.
  • System-wide Compliance Audit, Compliance Certification, and Compliance training. Inauguration, Regional Master minters portal was unveiled, Master Minters hubs were activated, a partnership formed for bullion management and support service.
  • Oct 012019
  • STO open for the public at 5 % Phase II, Price - $ 40.00 (Market fluctuations of Gold will play a role in the token price because tokens are secured by physical bullion)
  • Start Date: Oct 01 2019, End Date: 31st Dec 2019, Bonus: 1;1, Bonus date: 30th Oct 2020.
  • GoldO, SilvO and PlatO Launching, Bullion Banking Support Service system to be unveiled
  • Jan 012020
  • STO on Progress, Phase III
  • Price - $ 40.00 (Market fluctuations of Gold will play a role in token price because tokens are secured by physical bullion)
  • Start Date: Jan 01 2020, End Date: 31st Mar 2020, Bonus: 1;1, Bonus date: 05 Jan 2021.
  • GoldO, SilvO and PlatO Launching.,Bullion Banking system establishment commences in all major regions.
  • Apr 012020
  • Movement from fundraising to the operation Stage. Trading at major exchanges.
  • First Bonus released conversion of RIMS-B to GoldO starts
  • GoldO-X, Bullion Exchange to be launched
  • July 012020
  • Establishment of bullion banking system, white-label solutions promotion kick starter
  • P2P Lending Network operation starts, universal, smart debit/credit cards to be released
  • Oct 012020
  • System-wide volunteer ISO will release Compliance Audit, RIMS GoldO care hubs will be inaugurated.
  • First Annual Election, the full board will be appointed in all 6 regions
  • 1st update for RIMS Platform to be released.
  • Jan 012021
  • System-wide volunteer ISO to release Compliance Audit, RIMS GoldO care hubs will be inaugurated.
  • First Annual Election, the full board will be appointed in all 6 regions.
  • 1st update for RIMS Platform to be released.
  • Lite paper


    The RIMS Monetary Network can be described as a Truly Decentralized Democratic Network, owned and operated by its token holders and Master Minters. RIMS is a Next-gen Fintech operation that is looking to change the way the financial industry works. The tokens are backed by Gold. The products and services are aimed at the distribution of wealth through mass adoption.

    At RIMS, the RIMS-B tokens are backed by both Gold and equity of the company. Based on the volume of bullion Assets in circulation, the token value may go up with the value of P2P lending and mass adoption of other products and services. At RIMS, the token is backed by real assets. In fact, this is a daring difference from other cryptocurrencies.

    The current monetary systems are highly influenced by Central Bank policies which may favor some and may not favor others. However, at RIMS, we are redefining the Ancient Gold Standard Monetary System and it is managed by RIMS protocols. These protocols are purely operated by blockchain consensus through voting without any bias. The RIMS Network is a transparent and highly decentralized democratic system. That is why it is called a Truly Decentralized Democracy.

    RIMS stands for ‘Reserve for Investment and Minting Service’. The RIMS Network is a nonprofit foundation, which will act as a custodian for its tokens and bullion assets. The RIMS Network is owned and managed by investors or Pay Minters (PMs) who invest and mint RIMS-B tokens. On the other hand, Master Minters (MMs) add value to the network by minting Digital Bullion Currencies and manage the blocks. The MMs are RIMS-M token holders and they acquire tokens by virtue of their service whereas the Pay Minters acquire tokens by virtue of their investments. Both RIMS-B Token holders (PMs) and RIMS-M token holders (MMs) jointly manage the RIMS Monetary Network. However, their contribution is not by compulsion and it is only based on their interests.

    RIMS is a truly Decentralized Democratic Network with no central authority controlling or dictating its operations and benefits for the members. The truly democratic user control system will operate as per the network based on policies which are created in adherence to the law of the network. Moreover, this disruptive technology will set a new trend in the fintech industry. Therefore, the system that holds the reserve of the network is called ‘Reserve For Investment and Minting Service.’