RIMS Lab as a parent organization

RIMS Lab started its journey on February 23, 2005, as a technology and business incubator. A group of like-minded leading scientists and programmers in the Fintech, healthcare and wellness industries joined together and established RIMS Lab. The core objective of the RIMS Lab is to develop innovative technology, products, and services that benefit common people. RIMS Lab projects’ are spread internationally and the operations are coordinated from London, and Cayman Regional Commands. The core objectives of RIMS is “Distribution of Wealth”; and “Health Care Innovations for Enhancing the Quality of Human Life”. Projects requiring financial and technical assistance should have the objectives (common interests) aligned to meet RIMS vision and mission. The seed funding for the establishment of RIMS Lab came from Hakan B Ikizoglu and Joromi Label. Dr. Kmar Craja and Ms. Assb Sabr are currently coordinating the RIMS lab activities. Besides project coordinations, the team further manages projects in the areas of wellness and Fintech. Projects funded or developed by RIMS team include Root Cloud technology development, Telth, Health city, and Natlife. The team is currently in the process of developing the world’s largest RIMS Monetary Network.

RIMS Monetary Network

Network Operational Support Systems

Charter; The RIMS Global operations are coordinated through RIMS Cayman. The Bullion Reserve Management System and Global Operations & control facility operate at the CEC Cayman. The RIMS Banking relationships and Bullion Reserve Management Systems are located in Switzerland and Cayman.

Leadership and Operational Structure at the RIMS

RIMS Lab responsibility: As a parent organization, RIMS Lab is only responsible for technology, initial investments, custodianship, oversight, and policy. Operational jurisdictions are divided into nine regions; the neighbouring countries are grouped to form these regions. RIMS System is headed by a Governor, who is elected by the members. The below organizational chart depicts organizational Structure Post ICO. This structure will be built by using fully qualified Master Minters as per RIMS Network Protocols. Based on their performance, a team will be elected and lead the operations of the RIMS Network. Currently, the interim nomination will be made by the parent body. RIMS Monetary Network follows a unique organizational structure. As per the motto of the Network, the services and the governing policy & procedures are based on Truly Decentralized Democratic Principles. The organizational structure will reflect this as well. The principal role of the board members will be to diligently enforce this. The network’s success is ensuring the operations remain free from any central decision-making body, The leadership and board positions are open for token holders and elected through the voting process from eligible block managers. As per RIMS protocols, the available block managers will automatically move to top positions based on their performance. The organizational chart remains uniform for all the regions. Each board & leadership member will be elected through a voting process and the top performers are eligible to compete for the leadership positions. State boards consist of successful district governors, and the country board consists of successful RIMS state governors. All country governors will form an international board and elect the Governor of the Network. The governors will have three years to serve under an elected position. RIMS blockchain protocols ensure 100% precision in the application of the Truly Decentralized Democratic principles and operating procedures and simultaneously guarantee no involvement of rational decision making.

RIMS is a non-profit entity and has no designated owner. A team of protectors will be appointed by the board to manage the operations of the foundations. Foundations act as a custodian of the tokens. Renowned audit and legal firms provide services to ensure complete coverage of the processes and compliance. RIMS Foundations further supports RIMS Lab and RIMS-B operations.

The following chart depicts the organizational members of the RIMS Network post ICO

The operational system under each Governor(s)

RIMS Lab Board Members

RIMS lab is the parent body. The board members of RIMS Lab will act as the board. RIMS Network will follow the Truly Democratic Protocols at multiple levels to elect central, regional, national and state boards & governors (of RIMS Monetary Network). These new boards will advise the Governors at various capacity to operate the network as per the RIMS Network operation procedures.

Dr. Ramanathan Raju

Dr. Ram is the most admired and successful healthcare administrator & technology adviser. He is the chairman of the board at RIMS Lab - HC. He is one of “100 Most-Influential People in Healthcare.” Modern Healthcare named Dr. Ram as one of the “Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare” and one of the “50 Most Influential Physician Executives in Healthcare.” In 2013, Dr. Ram was named the business leader of colour by Chicago United. Currently, Dr Ram sits on the boards of numerous cities, state and national health care organizations, including the American Hospital Association, the New York Academy of Medicine and the Asian Health Care Leaders Association, among his numerous awards and accolades.

Dr. Suptendranath Sarbadhikari

Dr. Suptendranath is a renowned scientist, blockchain expert, physicians, and biomedical engineer. He is a multitalented professional with several decades of expertise in the field of healthcare technology. Dr Superdranath is a FAIMER fellow and involved with several national and international works including National Health Portal. He is currently working on blockchain technology for healthcare.

Dr. Donald Messerschmidt

Dr. Donald is a development expert who has travelled extensively in the developing world. He is a writer, anthropologist, and researcher. He provides the development perspective in developing countries to the board. He is based in Vancouver, Washington State, US.

Dr. Naila Kamal

An excellent professional, Dr. Naila has gained insights and experience in the digital transformation towards a bespoke SMART health ecosystem for individual settings. For the experienced organization, she is a transformational change advisor; Dr.Naila was honoured to moderate a high-level test track at the United Nations WSIS team this year. Dr. Naila is a senior educationist & gynaecologist, board member, chairperson, and associate director of two large NHS organizations.

RIMS Representative - Dr. Kmar Craja

Dr. Kmar is an investment banker and blockchain expert and specializes in the area of fintech, healthcare and wellness. He is an experienced CDD expert and established the Diligence department. As a member of the product development team at the RIMS Lab, Dr. Kmar is in charge of the team that developed RIMS Protocols for Digital Monetary System & platform for quality control, Customer Due Diligence and Anti-money Laundering vetting process. He is also a member of the team that developed and tested RIMS-B Platform for P2P Lending Software. Dr. Kmar is a serial entrepreneur who developed Natlife International, a company focused principally on supply chain management for organic products to resorts and similar areas. Her core objective is to train people on healthy lifestyle and encourage the use of sustainable agricultural products.

Head of Technology - Ms. Assb Sabr

Ms. Assb is the inventor of Root Cloud. By using the Root cloud technology, Ms. Assb has developed several protocols & platforms such as RIMS MN Platform, RIMS-B Platform, Telth and Travelpack to name few. She is a serial entrepreneur and part of the team that developed several innovative products and service in the blockchain space. Currently, Ms. Assb heads the Tech Team at RIMS and guides the operations team at RIMS Control Center. She is in charge of the team that is customizing RIMS Protocols and platforms. Ms. Assb additional projects include AI integration with Telth platform and Vocapac.

Our Advisory Board

Boris Otinicar

Boris Otonicar has a Masters degree in Economics, Psychology and IT and he is a certified Blockchain Specialist BVS CBP. He consults startups and companies in blockchain issues and helped many startups to establish their project successfully. He teaches classes about blockchain and bitcoin and he is a speaker at different international blockchain summits. With his expertise, he will advise the RIMS project as a blockchain expert.

Guilherme Muck

Technology enthusiast since younger age, I graduated in Dentistry and have specialization in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, but technology has always been a passion. Since 2017 I am deeply involved with blockchain and cryptocurrencies because I believe in a world without borders, and, taking their benefits to the masses has become my goal.

Daryl Naidoo

Daryl is the founder of Promethean Dynamics, he is is a member of the Blockchain Advisory Council, the Alliance of Blockchain Professionals, African Blockchain Association, an ICO Bench Expert and a Bitnation Ambassador. He is also an expert for business.com on crypto and blockchain-related content. Daryl sits on the board of advisors for several ICOs/IEO's and STO's.